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One day exhibition : Wadham College books in the age of John Wilkins

17 October 2014 9:00am — 7:45pm

A display in the Proscholium of the Bodleian Library, consisting of six early science books from the collections of Wadham College, centred around the life and work of the free-thinking polymath John Wilkins, Wadham’s sixth Warden from 1648–1659, and a key figure in the founding of the Royal Society of London in 1660. The display is one of several activities to mark the 400th anniversary of John Wilkins’s birth.

All of the books on display were in the college’s collections in Wilkins’s time. Included in the display is the first edition of De Revolutionibus (1543) by Copernicus, as well as three works by Wilkins, and another from his own private library.

Admission is free

Medical ephemera in the US National Library of Medicine

This post by Julie Anne Lambert, Librarian of the John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera at the Bodleian Library, originally appeared on the John Johnson Collection’s Ephemera Resources blog.  We are very grateful to her for allowing us to re-post it here.  She has blogged about a number of other medical ephemera resources.

Medical ephemera in the US National Library of Medicine

(c) U.S. National Library of Medicine

Images from the History of Medicine (IHM) contains 69,271 images, including 7,763 posters and 4,445 postcards.These can be searched (including advanced searching) or browsed by an impressive range of categories under What, where and who. Although predominantly from the USA, these images are international with hundreds from the UK, France, China (notably Chinese anti-malaria and anti tuberculosis posters) and Switzerland.
Here today, here tomorrow: varieties of medical ephemera is the online version of a1995 exhibition of medical ephemera from the collections of William H. Helfand and the National Library of Medicine. It is arranged by theme: Addiction, Aids, Bookplates, Children, Medical education, Medical show, Public health, Tuberculosis and Women. The online version contains 140 of the original 400 items. The site also hosts separate online exhibitions of  Aids ephemera (based on an exhibition held in 2002) and Public health posters.

Ephemera and books on ephemera in the NLM collections can be found through Locator Plus.

(c) US National Library of Medicine and William H. Helfand

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