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New free online history of medicine resources

This week we have come across three new free history of medicine resources on the web:

1) Social History of Medicine – special virtual issue on tuberculosis

shmSHM have published an online special issue on tuberculosis that is free to access until the end of May. This issue includes 9 research articles and 7 book reviews.  Articles include Sunil Amrith on tuberculosis in South Asia in the 1950s and William Johnston’s ‘Genealogy of  Tubercular Disease in Japan.’

Members of Oxford University can access all issues of Social History of Medicine via our online subscription using OxLIP+.

2) Journal of History of Science and Technology online v.6


This free to access online peer-reviewed journal is based in Lisbon, Portugal and publishes articles in English from researchers across the world. The most recent edition includes an article by Carlos Tabernero, Isabel Jiménez-Lucena and Jorge Molero-Mesa on “Scientific–medical knowledge management through media communication practices: a review of two opposite models in early 20th century Spain”.

3) Wellcome Library, London –  Codebreakers: makers of modern genetics


The Wellcome Library in London launched their new online digital resources, which contains over a million pages of books and archives relating to the history of genetics, with more to be added soon.

Codebreakers contains twenty archives including the papers of Francis Crick, James Watson, Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin, as well as archives of the Eugenics Society, made available by kind permission of the Council of the Galton Institute, the papers of J B S Haldane, and the collections of Guido Pontecorvo and his students Malcolm Ferguson-Smith and James Renwick at Glasgow University.

Codebreakers also contains over a thousand digitised books covering the science, history and social and cultural aspects of genetics and related disciplines, mostly from the 20th century.

It is very easy to browse using the timeline function or the topic list, which deliver results directly from their library catalogue.

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New History of Medicine journal subscription

Histoire, Medecine et Sante

The Bodleian Libraries have subscribed to a new French History of Medicine journal entitled: Histoire, Medecine et Sante.  The peer-reviewed journal, which is from the University of Toulouse II, will be published twice a year and include research articles, discussion of sources and historiography and reviews in English and French. Article summaries are provided in French and English at the end of the issue.


The topic of the first issue is “pudeurs” which translates as modesty in English.  Articles include Anne Carol on medical cadavers and Elsa Nicol on women with cancer in the 19th century.  There is also a book review of Morbid Curiosities : Medical Museums in Nineteenth-Century Britain (OUP, 2011), which is available to consult in the Wellcome Unit Library and the Bodleian Library’s Gladstone Link, as well as electronically as an ebook.

Available to consult

The first issue is now available to request from the Bodleian Stacks via SOLO for members of the Bodleian Libraries. The requested volume can be consulted in the Bodleian Libraries Reading Room of your choice. A full list of contents is available on the Historiens de la sante blog.

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Online history of medicine resources

Sick City podcasts

During the summer we do have slightly more limited opening hours to cover staff leave and training.  However, there are lots of online history of medicine resources that can still be accessed, even when you are not in the library.  Here are some of our favourites.

Online resources – for University members

There are a wealth of online resources that can be accessed on and off campus.  University members can access Oxford’s journal and database subscriptions via OxLIP+ and can search for ebooks on the SOLO library catalogue (limit search results to online resources only).

Starr’s Brain Surgery (1893) from Medical Heritage Library

Online resources – free access for all

There are also a wealth of free online resources that University members and non-members alike can access.  Search for primary sources in the Medical Heritage Library, which includes over 10000 digitised rare books.  Example titles include an 1880 printing of Culpeper’s Complete Herbal and Hunter’s Lectures on the Principles of Surgery.

The Bibliotheque Numerique Medica is another fascinating digital library.  It includes profiles and digitised works by figures such as Ambroise Pare and Felix Vicq-d’Azyr and themed sections on medical specialities such as dermatology and veterinary medicine as well as many more.

(c) Dr Alun Withey

This week there have also been a number of interesting new blogs and podcasts. Here are our top 3:

1) Dr Alun Withey on the history of spectacles.  He also links out to another blog post of the use of puppies in medicine.

2) The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice on wandering wombs

3) Sick City’s latest podcast – their seventh guided walk around London

You can find out about more of our favourite online free resources via our Oxford HSMT Delicious page and see our latest new book purchases on LibraryThing.

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WISER sessions on finding stuff next week

Bodleian Libraries will be running the following WISER sessions during week 6:

WISER: Finding stuff – Books etc on SOLO (Wednesday 22 February 2.00-2.45) – Ashort 45 minute session introducing tips and techniques for searching SOLO for books, journals and other materials in Oxford Libraries. We will cover both basic and advanced search techniques and also look at placing hold requests for items in the book stacks and some of SOLO’s personalised features such as the e-shelf and saved searches. The session will take place at Oxford University Computing Services – please book your place online.

WISER: Finding stuff – Journal Articles (Wednesday 22 February 2.45-4.00) This session will focus on using bibliographical tools and indexes to find high quality papers in your research area.  We will look at how to find reliable bibliographical databases in your subject and how to search them effectively to optimize your results. The session will take just over an hour and will include time for you to practice. Please book your place online.

WISER:Finding Stuff – Conferences (Wednesday 22 February 4.00-5.00) – Finding past conference papers and proceedings and keeping up with forthcoming conferences in your research area are important skills for all researchers but can be quite tricky. Next week’s 1 hour workshop on finding conferences will start by looking at where to find forthcoming conference announcements and how to keep up with them and will then move on to look at ways of tracking down elusive conference papers. Please book your place online.

Keep up to date with WISER – Why not follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/oxwiser or visit the BodWiser blog at http://bodwiser.wordpress.com. You can also check the timetable on the WISER web site at http://libguides.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/workshops or join our mailing list by sending an empty email to wiser-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk

Not a member of Oxford University? – If you are not a current member of Oxford University but would like to attend a workshop please contact usered@bodleian.ox.ac.uk. Please quote your Bodleian readers card barcode number.

If you have any questions please contact usered@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

WISER sessions on finding resources and depositing your thesis

There are lots of helpful WISER training sessions coming up in the coming weeks.  You can subscribe to a feed of upcoming sessions to keep track too.

WISER: Finding Stuff – Books etc on SOLO [Monday 23 January 9.15 – 10.00] – Effective search techniques for finding books and other library materials using SOLO, ordering from the book stacks and using the SOLO eshelf and saved searches > Book Now

WISER: Finding Stuff – Journal Articles Monday [23 January 10.00 – 11.30] – How to find articles and papers to support your research using a wide range of bibliographic databases and how to develop your search strategy.  This workshop will include plenty of time for participants to try out their own searches using databases for their subject as well as a demonstration. >Book Now

WISER: Finding Stuff – Theses and Dissertations [Monday 23 January 11.30 – 12.15] – How to find dissertations and theses from Oxford, other UK institutions and overseas.   >Book Now

WISER: Your thesis, copyright and ORA [Friday 27 January 9.15 – 10.15] –  Oxford DPhil students are required to deposit a copy of their thesis in ORA (Oxford University Research Archive).  This session will focus on copyright and other issues that DPhil students need to take into account when preparing and writing their thesis so that they do not encounter problems when they deposit.      DPhils are encouraged to attend this session early so that they can make sensible decisions regarding rights from the start of their research. >Find out more    > Book now.

WISER: Getting information to come to you [Friday 27 January 10.30 – 12.00] – How to keep abreast of new publications and papers in your research area and research news and opportunities on the web using RSS feeds and email alerts. The session will include a demonstration and also time to set up your an RSS reader or email notifications.>Book Now

Keeping up to date with the WISER programme – Why not follow  us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/oxwiser  or visit the BodWiser blog at http://bodwiser.wordpress.com You can also check the timetable on the WISER web site at http:// libguides.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/workshops or join our mailling list by sending an empty email to wiser-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk

Not a member of Oxford University? – If you are not a current member of Oxford University but would like to attend a WISER workshop please contact usered@bodleian.ox.ac.uk. Please quote your Bodleian readers card barcode number.

If you have any questions please contact usered@bodleian.ox.ac.uk