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Library now open but with continued disruption through September

The Wellcome Unit Library has reopened to readers today (01/09/11). However readers should be aware that the Unit is still very much a building site and that there will continue to be noise, mess and disruption for the next few weeks as work is carried out to finish off the rewiring and to get everything back in place. There will also be limited internet access in the library until all the connections have been finished. If you would like to visit the library please contact us in advance by emailing library@wuhmo.ox.ac.uk so that the most suitable time can be set up.

Noise in the library due to building works

The first phase of a re-wiring project has begun in the Wellcome Unit and unfortunately this means there may be quite a bit of noise and disruption for library users in the next few weeks. There may also be some days when the library will need to remain closed so look out for further announcements. Many apologies for any inconvenience caused.