Cape Town Convention Academic Project

The Cape Town Convention (CTC) is the usual shorthand for the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment (2307 U.N.T.S. 285.) and its object specific protocols: aircraft objects (2001),  rail rolling stock (2007), or space assets (2012)). If you would like an overview of the context of this convention,  Sir Roy Goode‘s article The Cape Town […]

Finding out about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

On 31 July, the European Ombudsman opened investigations into the European Commission and the Council concerning transparency and public participation in relation to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations. Negotiations between the US and the EU began in July 2013, but the 17-page document containing the EU negotiating directives has not been disclosed […]

Vanuatu Independence Day

July 30th marks the 34th anniversary of the date Vanuatu ceased to be under the control of the British and French. Events and parties are in full swing across the country. International leaders have sent their best wishes; you can read the press release from the US here,the reflections of the Vanuatu Prime Minister and […]

Shakespeare for lawyers

With the Globe Theatre Company returning to the Bodleian Quad this week, I felt a combination of great writer and great location ought to inspire a little blogging. This year’s performance is King Lear, in which an aging king decides to divide his kingdom among his three daughters and retire early. A quick look around […]

Cambridge University Press law e-books

The Law Bod has taken out a trial subscription to all the law titles available via CUP’s University Publishing Online. This means holders of an Oxford Single Sign On have full-text access to all law titles until 13 July 2015. At that date we shall assess how useful the package has proved to be, before […]

Commonwealth content on LexisLibrary

Good news for all holders of an Oxford Single Sign On username and password: the Law Bod has just extended its subscription on LexisLibrary to include the entire Lexis Commonwealth collection. Many of our researchers are doubtless well used to resorting to Lexis for Australian, Canadian, New Zealand , Hong Kong , Singapore, and/or Malaysian […]

Family cases update – short and sweet!

Following on from Jordan’s update in April (see “A new look for i-law, ICLR and Jordan’s“) there is a further new feature worth noting: Case Reports by topic for the Family Law Journal and a subject matter index for the Famiy Law Reports.  Both of these appear in the drop-down browse options for the titles […]