Cambridge University Press law e-books – an update

In July 2014, the Law Library subscribed to Cambridge Books Online’s Law Collection, a selection of the University Press’ legal scholarly e-publications. You may remember Elizabeth Wells’ blog post at the time, explaining how this type of subscription works; you can view this at This is an update on readers’ reception of the new […]

Online US legal research community

Whether you are feeling cut off and isolated from the familiar, or just starting off with US law as a foreigner and wondering what the buzz is over there, then a site such as may be just what you are looking for! Casetext came out of Beta in autumn 2014 – and already claims […]

Monroe Price – More than just a legal scholar

Readers of this blog will probably know of Monroe Price as a prominent legal scholar, chiefly in the area of media law.  He was the founding director of the Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy in the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, and the Price Media Law Moot Court Programme was named in his honour.  His […]

Mistletoe and the law

Mistletoe seems an unlikely candidate for falling foul of the law but it has happened. I’m not going to venture into office parties as that has already been covered earlier in the blog. The recognised way for harvesting mistletoe in the rural areas in America, most commonly, seems to be with a shotgun. There are […]

Pantomime Problems

It’s the height of the pantomime season, but a fairy godmother can stop time, so she’s kindly found the time to respond to some legal problems submitted by her friends… I found this cool old lamp in a cave – can I keep it? Aladdin Ooh, treasure! That’s now defined by the Treasure Act 1996 […]

Santa with(out) borders

By Emma Jones Okay, so of all the worries faced by a putative Father Christmas, international frontiers might not be the first that come to mind… but there’s no denying that the children’s favourite existentially-challenged Macroscopic Quantum Object has a seasonal job that tests freedom of movement to its limit. Santa, of course, is a […]

Dear Santa

Santa, Father Christmas, St Nicholas, whatever the name, the popularity of this figure from our Christmas traditions remains steadfast, but where does Santa live and how did the letter writing tradition begin? When I was a girl, I sat down to write a letter to Father Christmas every year, and then the letter would be […]

Buon natale !

As a girl I was lucky enough to enjoy Christmas celebrations in Italy, on visits from Australia to spend time with my nonna and aunties. It was such a contrast to my experience of the sun and sand and heat of the Aussie Christmas!  It just seems right to celebrate Christmas with crisp, cold, wintry days, all rugged up and […]