Approved online gaming!

By | 9 May 2008

Feeling the urge for a spot of Solitaire/Patience before returning to that never ending reading list or while waiting for an original thought on restitution? Why not try a game that has an educational side to it … The National Archives have developed a collection of webpages under the rubric Learning Curve designed to help school teachers – but I do not see why we over 16 year olds should be deprived of all the fun! Try to ignore the new offering provocatively called World Cup 1966 – did England rig the result?, and click on the Quick Link (top right) for Games and online activities. As this is a law library blog, I want to draw your attention first to the section called Crime and Punishment, offering 4 different games based on the criminal justice system pre-1750. Of course you are offered fact sheets to read to put these games into true historical perspective – but these are easy reads compared with your usual reading list offerings! Meanwhile, I’m off to help fight the Great Fire of London …

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