Harvard Research In International Law

By | 15 May 2008

This is a new resource available via HeinOnline (you will need your Athens or Oxford single sign on details to access it).

The resource consists of two parts.
Harvard Research in International Law : Original Materials
During the 1920s and 30s, under the aegis of Manley O. Hudson (then Professor of PIL at Harvard, and future first chairman of the International Law Commission), a number of advisory boards wrote draft conventions on various international law topics. These were published as special supplements to the American Journal of International Law (23 AJIL Spec Supp (1929); 26 AJIL Spec Supp (1932); 29 AJIL Spec Supp (1935)) , and are now offered electronically via HeinOnline. The enduring importance of the Harvard work lies in the fact that the International Law Commission used it as background papers – especially when it came to formulating the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations in 1961 and on Consular Relations 1963, and the piracy provisions of the Geneva Convention on the High Seas 1958. Other topics are  nationality, state liability for damage to foreign nationals, territorial waters, competence of courts v. states as parties, piracy, extradition, criminal jurisdiction, treaties.
Harvard Research in International Law : Contemporary Analysis and Appraisal
As indicated by the title this is a recent work (2007), in which modern experts in the topics evaluate the work of their predecessors.

As one would expect, the texts are enhanced by links to related sites within the HeinOnline database.

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