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By | 22 August 2008

From Tuesday 26 August 2008, users of the Law Bod will have to swipe their University Card or OULS User’s Library Card/Reader’s ticket in order to gain entrance to the Bodleian Law Library.

  To “swipe” successfully, readers will have to hold their card with its bar code face down, and then pass it over the bar code reader, a panel on the right hand side of the entrance gate. Do not worry – you will have encountered many similar systems both in Oxford and further abroad – and there will be staff on hand to help … but remember to bring the card!

Yes, change happens even in deep vacation!

Bill Hudson

Bill Hudson

At the end of July, Bill Hudson, the Porter who was the welcoming face at the Library door, retired. (There must be many past and present readers of the Library who would want to join us in wishing him a long and happy retirement.)
Then along came some installers who did a bit of this and a bit of that and the Law Bod was ready to face a brave new world!

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