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By | 10 October 2008

By Angela Carritt

OULS has a fantastic new gateway to online resources, Oxlip+

Some of you may have already used the new service to access databases from off campus (for more information see the earlier post on remote access)    However, Oxlip+ has much to offer beyond easy remote access:

Finding databases

Finding databases

Finding databases

When you access Oxlip+ you will automatically start at the “Find databases” page.  This has three options

  • Title: search by entering the name of the database (e.g. Westlaw, Lexis)
  • Other options: Search for databases by entering keywords
  • Subject: Browse a list of databases by subject (e.g. domestic law, international law etc).

Finding databases by title

Searching by title

Searching by title

Simply enter the name of the database in the title box and follow the link that appears on screen.

If you chose Lexis or Westlaw you may be prompted for your Oxford single sign on (webmail details).



Browsing databases by subject

Browsing by subject

Browsing by subject

Chose the “Subject” tab and scroll through the subject list to “Law”.

A list of subjects and jurisdictions will appear on the right.  To view the databases simply click on the appropriate heading.

Alternatively to see an alphabetical list of all databases scroll to the bottom and click “ALL”.


Other options: Keywords

Searching by keywords

Searching by keywords

It is also possible to search for database by keywords.  This is useful if you want to find a database that covers a particular subject, document type or jurisdiction.

Choose “Other options” and enter your keywords in the “Any Word” search box.

Please note that when you search “Any words” you are searching the descriptions and keywords allocated to each database by the library staff.  You are not searching the databases themselves (e.g  you are not searching Westlaw, Lexis etc).

Cross Search

Oxlip+ also includes a “Cross Search” option. This allows you to search several databases simultaneously from within Oxlip+.    Unfortunately this service does not work for any of the major legal databases – although it does work for some general Social Sciences Databases including Social Science Citation Index and PAIS International.

To have a go, choose “Cross Search” and select a subject from the list. Then browse through the list of databases. The databases that can be cross searched have a tick box next to them.  Tick up to 5 that you wish to search and enter your search terms.  Oxlip+ will then search the databases for you and return a list of results.  Simply click on the links to view more information or use the Findit@Oxford button to link to full text.

Please note that “Cross Search” results are often not as good as results from the “native interface” (ie results gained by searching the databases’ own interface).

My Research

Oxlip+ also has a “My Research” option where you can save your favourite databases (“My databases”) and search results from Cross Search (“eShelf”) as well as browsing a “history” of your searches on Oxlip+.   Many of the “My research” functions are only available if you log in.  Please see our earlier post on remote access for more information on logging in.

If you’d like to see more information and screenshots of Oxlip+ please view our Powerpoint presentation on using Oxlip+

Please send us you comments on Oxlip+

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