Accessing OXAM and legal databases when you are off campus

By | 15 December 2008

By Angela Carritt

Just to remind you that it is possible to access OXAM and legal databases when you are off campus using Oxlip+.   When you use Oxlip+ off campus you need to “log in”.

Here are some instructions:

1.  Go to

2. Log in to Oxlip+ (top right corner):

3. You will be prompted to enter you Oxford Single Sign on username and password (this is the same as your Oxford webmail username and password). Once you have entered these successfully click “continue to” (this is the only option!).

4. You will now be taken back to Oxlip+. Enter the name of the database you wish to use (or OXAM) in the search box and click “Go”.   You will then see a link to the database – follow the link to be connected.

Choosing a database

Choosing a database

5. Alternatively to browse a list of legal resources click “subject” and choose Law.

For more information the full functionality of Oxlip+ please see Welcome to Oxlip+

Need online journals?  Please use Oxford University e-Journals, SOLO or OLIS to access online journals.  (See our post on finding online journals for more information). If you are off campus you will be prompted for your single sign on details after you have selected a journal.

If you have problems accessing databases please contact us

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