Of reading lists and (sec coll), superseded and current editions

By | 20 January 2009

Just a reminder, as you discover new topics via new reading lists, to be very wary if your catalogue search returns a Law Library shelfmark ending “(sec coll)”  and/or you have gone down the stairs from the Main Reading Room to a section of the Library where the books have either red crosses or red dots near their shelfmarks.
The (sec coll)/red cross/red dot flags up the secondary collection which is largely made up of old,  superseded editions – when  your tutors will usually be expecting you to consult the most recent editions of texts in reading lists.
If you are looking at search results  in  SOLO,  remember you can reorder your results by using “date-newest” in the “Sort by” drop down menu to find the most recent edition. If you are physically in the secondary collection on the Freshfields floor, use a Floor Plan to find where there is another section of the library for books which have the same start to their shelfmarks.
Still dazed & confounded? Any member of staff will be happy to put you back on the right path: just ask!

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