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By | 16 April 2009

There is now a new research database freely available online for those interested in transnational commercial law called TransLex.org. It is hosted by the  Centre for Transnational Law (CENTRAL) at Cologne University,  Germany, under the leadership of  Prof. Dr. Klaus Peter Berger.

Lex Mercatoria resource

Lex Mercatoria resource

 It is so new I have not yet had a chance to indulge but here is what is promised:
” … a unique online research- and codification-platform for transnational  commercial law .. [which] works like Google. TransLex.org has four Sections which are designed to assist students  and scholars in their research in the area of international business law:
TransLex-Principles:  a list of more than 120 Principles of transnational law, the “New Lex  Mercatoria”. By clicking on a Principle of choice one gets access to its black letter text and to hundreds of comparative law references,  most of them in full text versions.
TransLex-Bibliography:  the most comprehensive bibliography on transnational law on the internet.
TransLex-Materials:  a collection of texts of international conventions, model laws,  restatements, domestic statutes, soft law instruments and many other materials. 
TransLex-Links: a collection of selected links which are relevant for your research > in transnational law and international business law.”

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