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By | 16 July 2009

On 5 June 2009, I described a new website that offers free access to a substantial body of the case law of the U.S. federal courts: http://openjurist.org

The website is ambitious in its scope, and should be particularly valuable to the many people who do not have access to databases such as Lexis and Westlaw. It did, however, contain a number of anomalies which I described in detail in my earlier post.

I am pleased to be able to report that some of these anomalies have now been corrected. Although more remains to be done, the editors have corrected some of the inaccuracies in the description of the content, and have (and this is extremely helpful) provided an instruction for searching by case name.

OpenJurist should be seen as an important source of U.S. case law for anyone who requires free access.

One thought on “Update on OpenJurist.org

  1. OpenJurist

    Hello Ronald … give us about a week and we will have most (if not all) of the updates that you have suggested. They are on our new server and we will be porting over to that one shortly.


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