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By | 16 November 2009

For those studying law in England (or English law anywhere), there is a relatively new free website which may well be worth monitoring: certainly it promises much!

Insite Law Free Legal Resources for Students
Free resources for law students

What exactly is promised? Only “the most extensive range of course materials, recorded lectures, and updaters for UK law students” no less!! The idea is that  you will not be frittering your meagre student incomes on introductory texts (because these pages will provide this). There are already free books on the following topics: Contract | Sale of GoodsCriminal Law | Constitutional Law | Equity & Trusts | European Union Law Evidence| Family Law | Intellectual Property with Torts, Employment law and Competition law in the pipeline. The Authors (whose names are listed on the front page) publish under a Creative Commons Licence & so retain the copyright while allowing anyone access for personal use. There are some impressive sounding sponsors of the project – one only hopes that the authors find the time to maintain the site.

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