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By | 17 November 2009

Do you ever get frustrated because you can’t remember whether Lloyds Law Reports are on Lexis, Justis or i-law nowadays? Or whether the New South wales Law reports are available electronically? We have a database on our website that provides a quick and easy way to locate a series of law reports or a journal title online. You can find it when you click  here.
Features include the ability to search:

  • just for a jurisdiction
  • part of a title
  • across both journals and law reports
  • by database

The list also displays at a glance the law library’s holdings in paper, and the shelf location. Holdings details have been checked and updated over the summer. This list provides the information for the Holdings List; the 3rd edition will be available before the end of term.

Once ther results are displayed, it is possible to sort the results by any of the fields, and display them in different ways.

And finally, with the display of results, you can click on the database name to be taken straight through to its home page.

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