Third Leslie Scarman Lecture

By | 24 February 2010

If you were not among those present in the Middle Temple Hall about 10 nights ago, you may be interested to know that the text of this lecture is now available from the Law Commission’s website. The invited lecturer was Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court,  and her talk was entitled “Judicial stimulation of legislative change: a view from the United States”

Lord Scarman is perhaps best remembered now for his Report following the Brixton Riot of 1981, but he had, in 1965, been appointed the first Chairman of the Law Commission. More details about his career can be read in the Times Online obituary.

Still available from the Law Commission site are the texts the previous lectures.  The second (2008) lecture can be downloaded by clicking  Human Rights in times of terror : a judicial point of view by Prof Aharon Barak (former President of the Israeli Supreme Court). For the (2006) inaugural lecture, ” Law Reform and Human Rights: Scarman’s great legacy” by Hon Justice Michael Kirby, please click on  sixth link on this page.

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