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By | 22 March 2010

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This is a reminder that OSO (Oxford Scholarship Online)

is growing steadily as a major platform for e-books.  Well no false modesty : it holds  the  “full text of 3,772 Oxford books”  in approximately 19 subjects from the  sciences (eg biology and physics), medicine, the humanities (eg history and English) and the social sciences. As this is a Law Library post, this will concentrate on the law titles – to which members of Oxford University enjoy full access. (If your institution does not subscribe to OSO, you will only be able to see the abstracts – though these are given at both book and chapter levels).

In February 2010 no fewer  than 13 legal titles were added (Carolan, The New Separation of Powers, Chesterman, Fisher Private Security, Public Order, Curtin, Executive Power of the European Union, Dupuy et al, Human Rights in International Investment Law and Arbitration, Freeman, Napier Law and Anthropology, Freestone, Streck Legal Aspects of Carbon Trading, Hurwitz, The Collective Responsibility of States to Protect Refugees, Klabbers et al, The Constitutionalization of International Law, Oliver, Justice, Legality and the Rule of Law, Sarkar, International Development Law, Schütze, From Dual to Cooperative Federalism, Seibert-Fohr, Prosecuting Serious Human Rights Violations,  Williams, The Law of American State Constitutions). These join approximately 150 titles already there.

The titles of works on OSO do appear (with links through to the database) on the library catalogue – if you are using SOLO look out for the “Online resources” option, if using OLIS look out for a second entry for the title with “electronic resource” in square brackets after it and click on the url you will find on the record.

It is, of course, possible to browse via title and/or author, or execute a variety of searches, within OSO itself- I would recommend spending a few minutes with the online tutorial to see how to accomplish this with the minimum frustration.

One last reminder:  if you are one of the Oxford Law Faculty working from home or holiday home that you can access OSO if you sign into OxLIP+ first,  using your Oxford Single Sign on.

The Law Library within OSO

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