EU information developments: people power or dumbing down?

By | 16 April 2010

When the EU Bulletin ceased publication and the site was archived at the end of August 2009, EU information specialists placed their hopes in the General Report for facts, figures and information.  All the more disappointing then that the latest General Report is colourful and attractive, but thin on useful details (see the Tweets from the European Information Association on 6 April).

But even stranger, towards the end of Press Release MEMO/10/100  of 24 March 2010 there is an embedded link in the sentence ‘EU rules already set out uniform rules on the competent court and mutual recognition of divorce judgments …’  The link is to a Wikipedia entry for the Council.  Is this “dumbing down” … or does the Commission consider that the collaborative work of largely anonymous volunteers, who write without pay, is as reliable as its own legal sources?

Thanks to Eric Davies of the European Information Association for pointing out these developments.

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