WIPO gold

By | 3 June 2010

WIPO gold is a new free portal from the World Intellectual Property Organization launched on June 1. It promises “quick and easy access to a broad collection of searchable IP data and tools relating to, for example, technology, brands, designs, statistics, WIPO standards, IP classification systems and IP laws and treaties.” Certainly the new homepage is snazzy and crisp … as illustrated below … encouraging expectations of easiness of use.

WIPO Gold home page

Top right is the enticing Laws & Treaties. Clicking on National Laws reveals an old friend, CLEA (Collection of laws for electronic access) . This database you can search via drop down menus (selecting eg country and subject matter) on the Structured Search default option. Alternatively, there are tabs for a Full Text search screen (again you can limit to a single country or organization eg European Union), and for an Advanced Search – a Structured Search with added options (it is also possible to search across two or more countries at once on this screen by holding down the Ctrl key).

CLEA's Advanced Search Screen option

Links in the left hand column offer quick routes either back to the WIPO Gold homepage or straight into the WIPO-Administered Treaties database. In this part of the WIPO database it is a case of drilling down – where your rewards will be full-text pdfs, related links etc.

WIPO administered Treaties

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