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By | 19 August 2010

By Helen Matthews

The Kluwer Arbitration website has changed a lot recently, from simple changes of layout to brand new functions. This post aims to introduce these changes and how to benefit from them.

What can I use Kluwer Arbitration for?

The website offers arbitration specific information on:

  • Commentary
  • Conventions
  • Case law and awards
  • Legislation
  • Rules
  • Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs)


If you are on the University’s network, you will be automatically signed in to the website. If you are using the website from outside the University, you can access via OxLIP+.

The New Look

This is what the homepage looks like now:

You can find a demonstration of how to use the new Kluwer website on the right side of the home page. This takes you through the variety of services the website provides clearly and concisely.

Main Features

  • Browsing

Use the tabs on the top of the screen or the ‘browse cataegories’ box. You can browse:




NY Convention Decisions




  • Advanced Search

Click the ‘advanced search’ button to search across all material in the database. Complete the relevant fields and use the drop down menus when necessary.

Each field has a question mark icon, which helps you with any problems. You can choose to either print or save the results.

  • Recently Added Material

You can look at books and journals the website has recently added to its collection, including newly published Kluwer Law International books. You have access to over 100 key arbitration books and can choose to print or email your desired text.

  • Blog

On the home page is a link to Kluwer Arbitration’s blog, showing you all the latest posts on up to date events.

  • News

Follow the most recent news provided by the Institute of Transnational Arbitration (ITA) contributors.


The home page has clear directions for you to navigate to the particular part of the web site you want, making it simple to find what you need.

If you are unfamiliar with Kluwer Arbitration, watching the demo as a starting point is  a must, giving an overview of what  the site can do for you and how you can expolit its services.

The new look website is more user friendly with an increased number functions, making the study of arbitration more accessible.

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