Changes to document delivery charges in the New Year

By | 22 December 2010

We have decided, with great regret, that in January we need to raise our document delivery prices, which have remained constant for five years.  We are making the change because of increases in the cost of providing the document delivery service, in the cost of the CLA licence and now, finally, the rise in VAT.

From 4 January 2011, the cost of a standard commercial document delivery order will increase to £30.  A £30 charge will also apply to most copies supplied for use in judicial proceedings.  If a copy runs to more than 25 sheets, we shall charge £2.50 for each group of up to five extra sheets.

The cost of a standard copy of up to 25 sheets for private study will increase on 4 January 2011 to £15.   If the copy is longer than 25 sheets, there will be an additional charge of £7.50 for up to 25 extra sheets.  This reflects the actual cost to the Library of providing the copy, as required under sections 38 and 39 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Our flat rate charges will continue to cover the full cost of providing each copy, including VAT and the CLA licence, where applicable.  More infomation will be available on our website  in January.

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