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By | 25 March 2011

But not always in the court room!
Did you know that the official website for the Judiciary of England and Wales has a freely accessible library of speeches given by judges? (Not just judges but also eg those invited to give the Judicial Studies Board Annual Lecture.)

In the Media section is collection of speeches

My trials have found the enticing search box mid page does not work. You can drill down via the years in the left hand panel – then, when at a year,  you must use the tabs for each month to see full coverage.
Better, if you are interested in the thoughts of a particular person,  put the surname eg Neuberger in the general search box to the right of the statue of Justice, near the top right corner.

Results of putting Neuberger into general search box

The first result is part of the Media>Speeches section of the website (which is what we are interested in) so click on
Neuberger’s name above – and you will get linked listing of his speeches (most recent first).

Library of Lord Neuberger's Speeches

The general search box to the top right corner allows you subject searching –

Finding speeches on rights

You can subscribe to a RSS feed to keep you informed of additions to the library.

As the website says, in these speeches the judges are speaking as individuals – if you are interested in the collective views of the judges (eg in response to government consultations) you need to go to the section of the website called Publications and reports> Judicial views and responses.

Collective views

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