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By | 10 May 2011

OU now has an online subscription to the Manual of European Environmental Policy (if  off campus log into OxLIP+ with your Oxford Single Sign On details, then find it among the databases). This means that the hardcopy version at Euro Comm 510 H149b is now of historic interest only – from now on please consult the online version!

Home page of manual

The subject arrangement makes drilling down very intuitive, either via the icons down the left hand column or the Contents hyperlink – but note that the home page also offers search boxes (near top right).
If you do click on a subject icon the next screen shows extended content list for that topic eg clicking on waste gives
The structure is standard: first is an overview of policy in the entire topic, followed by ways to individual directives within that topic. Usefully included at the bottom of each topic are quick routes to related legislation and international conventions.

If you were to click on Disposal of waste oils, you are first offered links through to the text of the directive and any amendments on EUR-Lex. (Screen shot below shows first half of results.)  Scroll on down to find Purpose of directive – Summary of directive – Development of directive – Implementation of directive Enforcement and court cases (with links through to EurLex)- Further developments – Related legislation – References.

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