IIAPP: International Investment Arbitration + Public Policy

By | 11 October 2011

Professor Gus van Harten of the Osgoode Hall Law School    http://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/faculty/full-time/gus-van-harten

has made a new resource freely available online: IIAPP

“The site offers open access to research and data on international investment arbitration. This powerful form of international arbitration has become a matter of public debate and research interest as more countries have been sued, especially in the developing world, by companies under investment treaties.

The site offers:
–access to a database of known arbitration cases decided under investment treaties
–organization of investment arbitration cases by policy area (e.g. agriculture, environmental protection, taxation)
–compilation of the appointment records of individual arbitrators who have sat in investment arbitration cases
–other information and commentary on the system of international investment arbitration.

The data provides important insights into the system. For example, of the 247 individuals appointed in known investment treaty arbitrations to May 2010, just 10 were women.

The site is open access and non-commercial. Unlike many other online resources in the field, no one who earns income as a lawyer, arbitrator, or expert witness in investment arbitration played any role in developing the site.

I hope the site will be useful and, especially, that it will provide a window for non-specialists who encounter the system in their particular policy-making or research field.”

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