Mac/Lion wifi issues with Safari

By | 18 November 2011

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By Penny Schenk

Recently, some Mac users in the library who’ve upgraded to the latest system software, Lion, are finding that they can’t log in to Bodleian Libraries wireless using the Safari browser. The symptom is that Safari attempts to connect to, but it never loads and the window remains blank. One workaround has been to use a different browser like Firefox or Chrome, which don’t seem to be affected.

I think I’ve found a solution, at least it works on my Lion MacBook: reinstall Safari using the standalone installer available at After I did this, I was able to load the login page in Safari without a problem. I’d be interested to know if this works for you – if you try it, please let me know how you get on at

Update: I’ve had good luck with installing the latest version of Firefox for the Mac on these machines, it does not seem to have the same issue loading the login page as Safari and (in some cases) Chrome. I have the installer on a USB key, just ask for me at the front desk if you’d like to borrow it.

Another Update: I can’t vouch for the solution described in this youtube video, but it seems plausible and several commenters said it worked for them. Please let us know in the comments below if it helps you!

One More Update: The latest OS X update for Lion purports to solve some wifi problems and includes an update to Safari, fingers crossed it will help those of you struggling with iffy connections and the non-loading login page in Safari.

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