New developments on Lexis Library and Westlaw

By | 19 April 2012

Welcome back for Trinity Term below is a round-up of recent developments on Lexis Library and Westlaw.

Lexis Library

The way results are listed in Lexis Library has changed with added functionality and a more simple way of navigating the results.  At the moment users are automatically taken to the new results page but if you are having trouble you can click back to the old style for the moment by clicking on a link at the top

The new results screen has your results listed with your search terms highlighted and a  clear link on the right hand side to add items to your document folder which you can access at the top of the page.

You can link to the different types of material across the top.

And you can still filter and sort your search using the left hand menu but the ‘search within results’ box has moved from the top to the left and there are more options than before.

If you need any training on how to use the new page or general training on Lexis Library then contact Kate Jackson at or see the database page on Libguides.

Westlaw UK

Westlaw UK have made the Legal Index Terms tool available to universities.  Many of you will have seen the tool on the right hand side of the main homepage but up until recently this was not  ‘active’.

This service allows you to search for definitions of selected legal terms across legal dictionaries and publications such as Jowitt, Stroud and Osborn.  There are also links through to relevant cases and legislation discussing definitions.

The search screen is quite simple and it will offer suggestions as you type.

The results are listed by source order with the dictionaries first and then the cases, legislation and articles afterwards.

The results have links through to cases and legislation where available.


Another reminder that  the ICLR Law Reports are no longer available through Justis and so you will need to use Westlaw or Lexis Library for these.

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