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By | 9 May 2012

The new OU subscription to journals on  CAIRN.INFO includes  Revues en Droit

Home page – note link to Recherche avancée near top right hand corner

The 9 law titles are:
Archives de politique criminelle,
Droit et société,
Nouveaux Cahiers du Conseil constitutionnel,
Plein droit,
Revue francaise de droit constitutionnel
Revue internationale de droit économique
Revue internationale de droit pénal

Clearly they are linked by place and language of publication, but not limited to the law of France.

To get sharp results  – I would suggest always using the Advanced Search Screen,  and making sure that at the least

  1. under Type de publication – only Revue is ticked
  2. you change Discipline to Droit

An example of a search below also shows that you do not have to worry about accents .. I searched for “responsabilite” as word in article title,  in all the Revues for Droit.

Manipulating the advanced search screen to avoid frustration

This search gave me 27 results  (a completely basic search for responsability with no limits/refinements produced 10001 results 9983 of which I could not have accessed!!) If I wanted to, I could keep this search as an alerting service via the Flux RSS feed button or modify it further.

Top of the results page

Among the results were whole issues of journals dealing with responsability – in this case a chic little Articles les plus pertinents + button gives you access to a more detailed index of contents. Where the hit is itself an Article de revue, the options beneath are to see a summary or view whole article online or download a pdf.

Please note – like other databases I could mention, this one is not above giving tempting glances to non-journal items for which OU does not have a subscription!

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