Summer project taking place

By | 27 June 2012

This summer, Library staff are completing the project to classifying the collection of monographs for the jurisdictions & nations of the British Isles according to the Moys.

In other words, the books dealing with Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man are being reclassified over the next few weeks.

All the books are still fully accessible to our readers but, just for the next few weeks, they are not “self-service” – please come and ask a member of staff: we will be happy to find them for you.

Books in the reclassification project

The primary sources – legislation, law reports – and law journals for these jurisdictions will always be open access to readers. They will not be reclassified, but in the course of the project their position in the Library will shift: they will be on the same floor, in the same range of bookcases as they are now – but grouped at the end of the range. When you’re in the Library, please just ask if you cannot find something : it really is more straightforward to do than to put into words!

This is phase two of a project to improve the arrangement and “browsability” of our Collection. Phase One, which involved the textbooks for the jurisdiction UK/England & Wales, was completed in 2009. See our earlier post.

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