2 Turtle Doves

By | 4 December 2012

Welcome to the second day of our 12 (Legal) Days of Christmas

By Leslie Gray

By Leslie Gray

In the US case of Aiuppa v. United States, 10 Cir., 338 F.2d 146  it was not 2 turtle doves but 560 frozen turtle (or mourning) doves.    The case was brought in the Federal Court by Aiuppa who was appealing on the basis of tainted evidence (through an illegal search and failure to produce records) and also on the grounds of prejudicial publicity created by the local media.


US legal database Fastcase

There are many sources of US legal materials including Westlaw and Lexis Library.  However  here at the Law Bod our newest US database is Fastcase which despite what the name suggests contains more than just cases.  More information on how to use this is contained in our previous post.  We have also just published our US Libguide which not only covers databases but our  large hard copy US collection as well.

Turtle Doves on Fleet Street

Our copy arrived safely at the Law Bod!

Our copy arrived safely at the Law Bod!

In Aiuppa it was alleged that the newspapers published information that was prejudicial to his case.   More recently and closer to home, the Levenson Inquiry  has finally finished looking into various misdeeds of the press and the report was published on 29th November 2012.  The Government is not keen to implement the main recommendation and there is ongoing debate between those looking for regulation and those worried about the freedom of the press.   If you were one of the thousands who waited for the report to appear and want to keep an eye on the evolving situation then it is always worth following newspaper blogs for latest news and official sites relating to the inquiry.

Official Levenson Inquiry (has option to follow by Twitter but no blog), Independent – news feed, Telegraph -blog feed, Guardian  – news feed, BBC – news feed.

There has already been much discussion in Parliament and so if you are interested in following along as it happens then you can watch it on Parliament TVHansard is also available for you to see the debate written down (links through to Today’s Commons Debates but has links to other days as well).

Although available online the report itself is a House of Commons Paper.  Many recent official papers are online through government departments but you may find that older and ‘replaced’ papers are removed from the web. You can check to see if there is a hard copy in the vast Official Papers collection here at the Bodleian Law Library.  There have also been a number of Libguides written to help find Official Papers.  If you need any help then just contact official.papers@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

See you tomorrow for 3 French Hens and  if you missed it yesterday here is  a ‘Partridge in a Pear Tree’.


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