3 French hens

By | 5 December 2012

Image thanks to Linda N. on Flickr.com

Humming the well-known French nursery rhyme Quand trois poules vont aux champs  could help OU students studying French law remember that they have 3 subscription databases at their disposal!

In this context it is Juris Classeur qui va devant! This a general database – with legislation & codes, case law,  online journals and the very famous Encyclopédie JC. (Users of the Law Bod should be aware that we no longer subscribe to the print version: the volumes on the shelves are caught in the aspic of the early 2000s.)
As Juris Classeur comes out of the Lexis stable it looks reassuringly familiar – and each search screen has its own focussed online Aide link to help one to search efficiently.

La deuxième  is Lextenso a rich source of French law journals :  over twenty titles covering most areas of law and including  Gazette du Palais,  Jurisprudence,  Revue des contrats, and the Revue du droit public et de la science politique en France et à l’Étranger.

En arrière  simply because it is the most specialist is the collection of  French law journals made available via Cairn Revues.  For those with an interest in public law (from an English point of view) this can be a real treasure trove Archives de politique criminelle,  Droit et société, Nouveaux Cahiers du Conseil constitutionnel,  Plein droit,  Pouvoir,  Revue franc. de droit constitutionnel, Revue intern. de droit économique,  Revue internationale de droit pénal and Revue sur le droit et la politique.

With a generosity worthy of Christmas (an expression which we hope will not impugn the secular spirit of la belle France), the French government maintains an excellent free online service Legifrance: le service public de la diffusion du droit , which is both database and  portal – a bright star in the east of which the UK government should take heed! As further gifts to the anglophone world Legifrance even provides translations of important codes and laws : how spoilacious!
Further details about how to access these databases (some of the subscription databases require special passwords even when on the OU network), and what the Law Bod can offer in the way of printed sources are available online via our  Law Bod French law Libguide

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