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By | 18 January 2013

Up till now,  OU members have been restricted to the Open Access section of a major German online journal database called DZ or  DigiZeitschriften

The good news is that the Bodleian Libraries now have a subscription, making a lot more content available for all holders of an Oxford Single Sign On!

Home page

Home page

The database has journals from various different disciplines, including (as of Jan 2013) the legal titles listed below (some are the same journal continuing under a change of name). This equates to online access to 727 individual law journal volumes. We understand that the database is still growing and improving: gaps will be filled and coverage strengthened in due course. (You can subscribe to an RSS feed to be alerted to any developments in your subject area.)
In some instances, for example Archiv des öffentlichen Rechts  the Law Bod also has a current subscription to the title, which means readers have online access from 2003 on via another database. (This is made clear on the Find it @ Oxford screen which appears after you click on View Online.)

Although all the journals are German language publications, they are far from being limited to German law topics – if you have a reading knowledge of German and are interested in, for example, international (public and private) law or Roman law then this will be a very useful resource.

We have added the shelf marks to show you where in the Bodleian you can find at least part of the journal in print. The print copy link will take you through to the relevant SOLO record: if you then click on the Find & Request tab, and, if necessary, expand the Law Library holding by clicking on the + plus symbol you should be able to see which volumes we actually hold.

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