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By | 22 January 2013

It is just over a month since – with the greatest respect you understand – we blogged about the UK Supreme Court  in our Christmas series as 12 lords a-leaping.

Well we don’t want to be caught on the hop so would like to point out that the UK Supreme Court’s YouTube channel is now being stocked with summaries of judgments.  (Written press summaries are made freely available alongside judgments on the court’s website. Go to the Decided Cases section for the archive of judgments and summaries.) The uploading of full hearings may happen in the future – but the problem “is the length of our hearings – we tend to average 10 hours per appeal … Editing, reformatting, compressing and uploading that volume of footage is really not as simple as it sounds, and YouTube couldn’t take that sort of length”. Ben Wilson’s (the supreme court’s head of communications) response to Adam Wagner of The Guardian. (The full Guardian article is freely available.)

Home page taken 22 Jan 2013

Home page taken 22 Jan 2013

Don’t forget that Sky News allows one to watch Supreme Court hearings live. The schedule for 21-24 January 2013 is WHA Ltd and another (Appellants) v HM’s Revenue and Customs (Respondent). The court usually sits between 10.30 and 4 pm. Yet another section of the Supreme Court’s website can help you pick up any case of particular interest: the Current Cases page puts up brief details of impending cases a couple of weeks in advance of the scheduled hearing. Along side each case is a link through to a Full details page. This page will tell you in detail the Issue and Facts of the case being heard today (22 Jan) namely WHA Limited and another (Appellants) v Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (Respondent)

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