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By | 4 February 2013

The Law Bod has now purchased online access to some books published by Hart. These titles will be accessible to readers with a current Oxford Single Sign On username and password.
Hart Publishing is a local establishment,  specialising in academic law. And delivering great titles – well we would say that wouldn’t we?  as quite a number are by our Faculty and/or alumni! On a more practical level, many Hart titles appear on Reading Lists for taught courses in the Oxford Law Faculty.

Hart's website - with link to their proposals page

Hart’s general website

Taking note of  the publisher, however, is part of the rather geeky mindset of the librarian, not a “normal” reader. At present, some 56 titles are included in the Law Bod’s subscription – and to show just how useful this subscription will be to Oxford lawyers,  we have listed below some (not all 56) of the Hart titles currently in our Law Reserve collection, or in constant demand from the open shelves, which will now be accessible online:

  • Armour & Bennett : Vulnerable transactions in corporate insolvence
  • Armour & McCahery : After Enron
  • Bamforth : Public law in a multi-layered constitution
  • Barak-Erez & Gross: Exploring social rights
  • Birks & Pretto Sakmann : Breach of trust
  • Bogdandy & Bast: Principles of European constitutional law
  • Brooks-Gordon : Death rites and rights
  • Burrows : Understanding the law of obligations
  • De Burca : Law and new governance in the EU and the US
  • Ebtehaj : Birth rites and rights
  • Edelman : Gain-based damages
  • Goold & Lazarus : Security and Human Rights
  • Green : International Court of Justice and self-defence
  • Jones’s festschrift ed Cornish : Restitution past present and future
  • Khoury : Uncertain causation in medical liability
  • Mitchell : Landmark cases in the law of restitution
  • Rush : The defence of passing on
  • Scott : Choosing between possible lives
  • Swadling ed : Quistclose trust
  • Taggart : Province of administrative law
  • Tomkins : Our republican constitution
  • Tridimas & Nebbia : EU law for the 21st century (vols 1 & 2)
  • von Bogdandy & Bast: Principles of European constitutional law
  • Williams : Unjust enrichment and public law
  • Young : Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Human Rights Act

These all should have a View Online link in SOLO: do a SOLO search as normal (via title or author or a combination of both) and you will find Multiple Versions found on the result screen. Click on the View all 2 versions tab – then the View online tab to get to the e-book.

The click launches the AmigoOnline Reader (eb20) in a new window – you may have to wait a bit. Once through, near the top of the screen you can see a variety of tools being offered – if you would rather just read the book old-style (ie just the text) let your eye travel to the right hand end of this tool bar and you will see a Full Screen option for Immersive Reading (just to the left of the search within the text box.) Just click the Escape key on your keyboard to go back to window with the various functions.
For some of the online tools, you will need to register first – please use an ox.ac.uk email – but you need only do this on your first use.

Then all the following are available (as explained by Hart manual)

 Print. The number of pages that you can print at any time  is set by Hart Publishing. Printing happens one page at a time.
Email. You can email a page of this book to a friend or colleague. The plain text from the page is sent so, if the page includes images or other graphic elements, those elements will not be sent.Ž
Highlighting. Click here and select the lines of text you want to highlight.       Copy and Paste. The amount of any book that you can copy is limited by the rules set by Hart Publishing.
Notes. This is like the margin notes that you might pencil into the pages of a paper book. You can make a note of significant passages, reminders, anything really.
Bookmark any page with a brief phrase and a memory aide.
Read aloud, for people with accessibility needs.
More Tools option. If you click on this, one option is Cite this book page.  If you click on this, use the drop down menu to change the Format to Oxford which will produce some guidance for those of you needing bibliographies and footnotes.
OU members can also search and access titles via the database’s platform and internal search tools. If you are outside the OU network you’ll need your Oxford Single Sign On username and password.

Welcome   Hart Publishing Limited

Access to the Bodleian Law Library’s e-book collection, if on the OU network

If you are on the OU network, clicking on the screen shot above should take you to the basic search screen of the database – where it is easy to search by title or author etc.
Once you find a title you want to read, just click on the obvious buttons called either Read Online (if you are on the Summary page) or Start reading now (if you have moved to the Table of contents and extended information page).

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