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By | 8 March 2013

The Bodleian Law Library website has had a makeover as part of the Bodleian Libraries web redevelopment project.  The new website is due to launch on Monday 11th March but here is a sneak preview of the homepage (there is still a little bit of tweaking needed!).

Our new homepage

Our new homepage

So how may this affect you?

We hope that it will make it easier to find information on services we offer, our links to eresources and catalogues and essential information such as opening times, location and alerts to library closures.  However….

Ask staff for help if you can't find the relevant page

Ask staff for help if you can’t find the relevant page

… as part of the revamp some pages may have moved and so if a page  is not where you expect and it is not obvious where it has gone then do contact Kate Jackson on .   You may also find that any bookmarks you have to those pages will no longer work.  We are trying to put in re-directs but if you find yourself with a ‘page not found’ then again contact Kate Jackson and we will send you a link to the new page.  One of our most popular pages  – the Legal Databases page will be under Finding Our Resources and Popular Links.

Please bear with us whilst we sort out the content of the pages, the content was formatted specifically for the old site and so some of the pages will not have the professional look we want!  We will be systematically going through each one to try to make sure this is put right over the next few weeks.

Of course if you come across something that does not work, does not look right or has errors then please let us know!

2 thoughts on “New Look Law Bod Website

  1. Rob

    Is there any chance we could get an easy-to-find link to Westlaw and Lexis somewhere on the Law Bod frontpage? After SOLO, this would be by far the most useful thing!

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