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The Bodleian Law Library, and all Faculty members interested in comparative law, are grateful to the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law

for allowing law libraries across Europe free (though password protected) access to the database they maintain called EuroTort.

OU students should first log into the Weblearn Password page (with their Oxford Single Sign On username and password) then scroll down to see which combination of words will unlock this resource for them!
They may then need to disable any pop-up blocker on their browser to search the EuroTort database.

Currently, the resource has nearly 3000 decisions from 30 European jurisdictions from the 1980s onwards – and it continues to grow.

Of particular use to English-speaking students, the various national experts for each  jurisdiction who selected the cases for inclusion have also supplied English versions of the facts of each case,  and an abstract – again in English – of the decision. This also means that all the searches can be done in English.

Once logged in (and with any pop-up blocker disabled), you are presented with a screen offering two routes to search. A simple one box search of the full text, or below a black line an Advanced Search option offering (via drop down menus) ways to construct a search across just a single jurisdiction, within a particular period etc.

EuroTort search

Note. The search screen has two ways to search on the one page. Use either the simple box above the black line OR a combination of drop down menus and boxes from the lower half of the page

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