Enhancements to Kluwer International Law Journals

By | 11 March 2014

The home page for the journal section of the platform offers a “new prominent search tool that is easy to use.” (At the far right hand end of this search box there is a link to the Advanced Search Screen should you prefer.)

New style basic search on home page

New style basic search on home page

The results for a basic search using just “antitrust” are – as one would expect from such an ill thought-out “strategy” – too many (1,000 hits on 34 pages) to be anything other than daunting. (“The relevancy [of the result list] is based on author’s name and the title.” Being a simple soul, I would have preferred by date latest or grouped by authors (arranged alphabetically) or by journal title or …)

Too many good things

Too many good things

But part of the improvements of this upgrade is a new “Edit” tool link which helps you do a search within refining exercise. If, that is, you spot the link in the first place – for my less than 20/20 vision I don’t think it is as prominent as it could be – but it is near the top right of the result screen.

Top right corner of result screen

Top right corner of result screen.

Clicking ‘Edit’ basically takes you to the Advanced Search – but helpfully retaining whatever term you had initially used. (If you mistakenly click on  the more prominent – at least to my eyes – Advanced Search link you have to start from scratch – nothing is retained from your initial attempt.)

Edit link helps you to Search within

Edit link helps you to Search within by retaining details of your initial search term

The other feature of this update is the announcement that Kluwer International Law Journals are now discoverable via Google Scholar searches.

Members of OU Law Faculty are reminded that, should they wish to make the most of Google Scholar when not on the OU network/domain,  they should use the Google Scholar Settings, then the Library Links options to establish their connection to Oxford University, and the all important ability (while holding a current OSS) to read articles in journals to which the Law Bod has a current subscription.

Scholar Settings - then Library Links - University of Oxford

Scholar Settings – then Library Links – University of Oxford

This will ensure that the results have the comforting Find it @ Oxford icons – should the link to the actual article not work, Find it @ Oxford will help you track your way to it via the journal in OU e-journals.

Improved results

Improved results

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    Thank you for your useful feedback. We will continue to make improvements and will take your comments into account. We would like to encourage you to reach out to us, with additional comments/ feedback in order to work together on improving Kluwer Law Online.

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