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By | 8 July 2014

Good news for all holders of an Oxford Single Sign On username and password: the Law Bod has just extended its subscription on LexisLibrary to include the entire Lexis Commonwealth collection.

Many of our researchers are doubtless well used to resorting to Lexis for Australian, Canadian, New Zealand , Hong Kong , Singapore, and/or Malaysian legal materials

Now OU students interested in the law of India need to be aware of that a treasure trove awaits them in LexisLibrary Listed alphabetically by author they will have online access to the following sources:

Arvind Datar: Constitution of India
Bachawat: arbitration and Conciliation
Bhandari: Guide to Company Law Procedures
Chandratre: Company Secretarial Practice Manual
Datta: Company Law
G.P. Singh: Principles of Statutory Interpretation
Gururaj: Commentary on FEMA & Money Laundering
Gururaj: Guide to the Customs Act
Iyer: Guide to Company Directors
Joga Rao: Computer Contracts & IT Law
Kailasam: Law of Trademarks & Geographical Indications
Kanga: Law & Practice of Income Tax
Kathuria: Supreme Court on Criminal Law
Khader: Law of Patents: with special focus on Pharma
Khader: Touchstone effect: Impact of Pre-grant Opposition on Patents
Khergamvala: Negotiable Instruments Act
M P Jain Indian Constitutional Law
Markanda: Building & Engineering Contracts (Law & Practice)
Markanda: Law of Contract
Markanda: Law Relating To Arbitration & Conciliation
Mulla: Indian Contract Act
Naik: Securitisation, Asset Reconstruction, and Enforcement of Security Interest
Ramaiya: Guide to Companies Act
Ramaiya: Guide to Companies Act (17th Edition)
Ramanujam: Mergers et al
Ratanlal: Code of Criminal Procedure
Ratanlal: Indian Penal Code
Ratanlal: Law of Evidence
S. Pal: Law of Contempt
Shavaksha: Trade & Merchandise Marks Act
Sridharan & Pandian: Guide to Takeovers & Mergers
Srinivasan: Principles of Insurance law
Subbaram: Patent Law Practice & Procedures
Tannan: Banking Law & Practice in India (and BL Digest of case law)

Also available is P Ramanatha Aiyar’s Advanced Law Lexicon

There is some Indian case law in LexisLibrary: as reported in the Madras Law Journal, and the historic collection of Supreme Court cases from the Law Reports of India Reported Series (1999-2004), and Unreported (1999 to 2001) . But OU students also have access to Manupatra   (Note: requires a special username and password which OSS holders can get from Weblearn) and Supreme Court Cases (India).

As OU students with an interest in Indian law may not used to finding foreign material in LexisLibrary so a brief rehearsal follows.

From the home page (showing Quick Find search box which you DON’T use)  click on the tab called Sources.

On the Sources page, if you know the author’s surname you can just type this in the search box to the right called Find a source.


If you know author, use Find a source box near top right hand corner

OR if you don’t know author and/or you would like to browse, change the jurisdiction to India by using the drop down menu Filter by and then work your way along any letters of the alphabet which are hyperlinked to reveal what jewels await!

Finding what LexisLibrary holds for India under M

Finding what LexisLibrary holds for India under M

Whichever route you take, remember to  Select your chosen source then click OK continue (which turns to red in the upper panel, right hand end)

Be sure to click in box beside the source(s) you want to consult

Be sure to click in box beside the source(s) you want to consult

Then you will get a source specific search screen:

Datta search screen