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By | 29 April 2015

No – not a definition of the Law Bod, but the name of another platform of e-books from Oxford University Press – known as OLRL for short!OUP

The subject areas of this e-library are titles on

  • International Commercial Arbitration (ICMA),
  • International Commercial Law (ICML),
  • Financial and Banking Law (FBL), and
  • Private International Law (PRIL).

The good news is that Oxford University already has IP access to OLRL. If you are logged into a Bodleian Library computer, or on the Bodleian Library network OR have  a VPN installed on your personal computer, you should be able to access all the titles via the platform’s home page & search screens. In as short a time as possible we trust our colleagues will do what  is necessary so OLRL’s content will be revealed by “View online” options appearing after ordinary book searches in SOLO.  As soon as this happens all holders of an OSS will be able to access the e-version simply by signing into SOLO – even from that Phuket internet cafe which somehow looms large in law librarians’ day dreams…

Oxford Legal Research Library (OLRL) is designed to provide “integrated access across collections of key law titles in a variety of subject areas”. Please remember to insert the phrase “published by OUP” after “key law titles”.

As of April 2015
the ICMA collection has 17 titles including Redfern and Hunter on International Arbitration (5th ed, 2009)
the ICML collection has 9 titles including both works by Bridge on Sale of Goods
the FBL collection has 22 titles such as Moloney EU Securities and Financial Markets Regulation (3rd ed 2014)
the PRIL collection has 13 titles including Cheshire, North & Fawcett: Private International Law (14th ed 2008)


The content is also enhanced by the Oxford Law Citator function (which many of you should already know from OUP’s public international law resources MPEPIL, ORIL, ILDC, & OSAIL)  The Oxford Law Citator should take you – via a couple of clicked links – to content drawn not just from other OUP digital platforms for international law (eg to law reports in ORIL), but to reliable free external web sources for cited material. For example, to the EUR-Lex page for Pendy Plastic Products BV v Pluspunkt Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Case 228/81, [1982] ECR 2723. I have to say “should” here because I find that sometimes I have to log in again via Shibboleth half way through the process: not too painful, but irritating nonetheless!

Note that the OLRL Advanced search screen enables you to search across one or more – or indeed all –  of the collections this platform hosts. Just remember to select or deselect Product Options sensibly!

olrl-ouplaw advanced search