Getting back into your stride

By | 5 January 2016

Oxford University Press has a free podcast series called Law Vox. This may be a gentle way back to the rigours of academic concentration after the frivolities of reading all those Christmas cracker jokes and mottoes…

The beginning of OUP's history...

The beginning of OUP’s history… not sure when their podcasting began!

The promotional pitch is that “legal experts from a wide variety of subject areas discuss topical issues. … [providing] unique and accessible insight into the legal world, discussing significant aspects of their work, their career and the state of law today. They answer key questions about where law is now, where it’s heading, and what might become the legal issues of the future.” In at least one podcast (the one Energy Law), there is a lot which might well be useful if you are an author wondering about how to get an article accepted for publication. This is not a criticism – law school librarians do see getting published as an important & valid educational goal..
VoxLawAs of January 2016 there are 14 podcasts in the series. All are free – both to listen to online and/or download. Below is a brief listing – you can read more about the content (as well as starting the podcast) by following the link. We have also tied the podcast to an obviously related piece of commentary by these authorities available in the Law Bod: including a couple of daring ventures out of the world of OUP, to that of other publishers….