A reminder about i-law

By | 12 January 2016

ilaw logoAs we start another year it is an ideal opportunity to highlight some of the less well known databases and their content.  If you are used to using Lloyd’s Law Reports online then you will need no introduction to i-law but those of you who have never used it before may be a little confused, especially when trying to access some of the material.  One of the most important things to bear in mind when using i-law is that, like with many of the other databases, it is made up of lots of different publications and that institutions can subscribe to different packages and different content.

So what does Oxford subscribe to in i-law?  

We currently have a subscription to part of the Maritime and Commercial package and all this includes is Lloyd’s Law Reports and the Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly (LMCLQ).

How do I access the database?

Unlike most of the major databases, i-law will not work using your Oxford Single Sign On.  It is one of the few databases that you need to put in a specific username and password (and your Oxford University email address).  To find the password you need to access the E-resources Weblearn password page (with your SSO),  this has all the username and passwords for the databases that do not accept Shibboleth logins.  Once you have this information you can go straight to the database at i-law.com or from our list of legal databases.  When you get to the main page there will be a large button in the middle asking you to log on and this will bring up a log in box and you just need to fill the information in.

ilaw log in 2

If you have been on before you may get a box that just asks for your email like the one below,  if this appears but you are not sure then you can always choose the option ‘log on with a different account’ and this will bring up the main log in box above.

ilaw log in 1

Navigating the database

If you are looking for a specific article or case you can search for it from the main search screen using the citation search. Just use the drop down menu called ‘select series’ to choose the relevant publication. ilaw main screen citation search

An alternative is to choose the Maritime and Commercial practice area and then choose ‘publications’  and browse for the one you are looking for.  Choose the relevant publication and then use the drop down menu at the top to find the year/volume number you need. ilaw maritime subject area

If you are wanting to do a subject search (for both Lloyd’s Law Reports and LMCLQ) then the best thing to do would be to use the advanced search screen on the home page and limit it to Maritime and Commercial as a practice area.  You can also just choose just law reports or articles by choosing it under ‘format’.

ilaw Advanced search maritime

Why can’t I access the publication I am looking for?

ilaw does not subscribe

As mentioned before, Oxford only has a subscription to a limited part of the database.  What can make it a little bit frustrating is that all available content is shown regardless of whether a subscription is held (although non-subscribed content should be in a separate list).  You will also be shown results from publications beyond our subscription when you search any of the main search boxes.   This can lead to instances where you get that annoying message above when you try to click on the result.

Further Help

If you need further help or you can’t access something you think we should have then please contact Kate Jackson at katharine.jackson@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.  There are also user guides available at http://about.i-law.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/iLaw-Guide_FINAL1.pdf