Lexis@Library changes

By | 9 September 2016

Due to go live on the evening of the 15th September, Lexis@Library has enhanced its home page with a more streamlined look to its main menu.   We haven’t been able to have a look for ourselves but this is what has been promised.

Spot the Difference

Old Lexis@Library

Lexis Library blog 1

New Lexis@Library

New Lexis Library


Taken from Lexis@Library promotional material:

Enhancements to the navigation bar will include:
• The Practice Area tab becoming part of the Global Header
• The Search tab and Sources tab being merged to become part of the Global Header
• My Alerts & History sitting under User Profile
• A new My Settings page and Contact Us & Feedback page
• My settings, Contact Us, HELP, What’s new & Project ID all sitting under the User Profile dropdown

We will give a more detailed explanation of the changes and a link to Lexis@Library’s help and guidance on the new look once the changes go live and we can take a look at it in action.