Welcome all new and returning students

By | 26 September 2016

Welcome to Oxford for Michaelmas Term for all those returning or those who are just joining us.

We were hoping that we would be able to unveil our new refurbished library complete with new entrance and enquiry desk.  However, despite valiant efforts from everyone, the work is still being finished off. We apologise for any inconveniences and ask that you please bear with us as it will be worth it in the end. We hope that most things will be in place in the next week or two but in the meantime here are a few temporary things you will need to know.


For the moment the entrance will still be at the temporary location off Manor Road (please see this short video showing how to get there from the front of the building ).  We are hoping the new entrance will be ready some time next week but please keep an eye out for signage and announcements.  For those that have not used the library over the summer, there is a member of staff sitting there as you come in (see photo).  Have your card ready to show and they will be able to point you in the right direction, there is also a member of staff within the main reading room (on level 2) that can help with any enquiries.  Some parts of the library are currently off limits to readers due to building works being finished but this is changing all the time and staff as you come in will advise you if there is anywhere you can’t go.  All material within the library can be fetched by staff and so don’t worry if what you are looking for is in a restricted area.


As part of the refurbishment we have moved the collections around and there are some things that are still not in their permanent home.  There will be new floorplans around but please do come and ask if the item you are looking for is no longer where you expect it to be or you have no idea where to start.  Staff are still finding their way around the new arrangement but we are more than happy to hunt around for you if we don’t know off the top of our heads!

Photocopying, Scanning and Printing

On 6th September 2016, the Bodleian Libraries moved to an (even) better PCAS system.  For new students this will be all you know so you just need to turn up and your accounts should work as below.  For all returning students you all now have new account details associated with the new system and you need to read below to see how to transfer credit.

The new account recognises the 7 digit barcode number on your University/Bodleian card as your username. (This cannot be changed.)

The default password (which works until you reset it yourself) is your date of birth in the format ddMMMyyyy. For example 01FEB1999. This default password can be reset at register.bodleian.ox.ac.uk  – and indeed we recommend that you do reset it to something more secure.

This is the combination known as your Bodleian Libraries username & password – which is also used to log into Bodleian Libraries PCs, and to the Bodleian Libraries network either via Wifi or ethernet cable. It is hoped that you can see this as one element of the improvement: one fewer username/password combination to remember!

Returning students, if you have already followed good IT practice and changed your Bodleian Library password to something more secure: this now works as your PCAS password.

What about the unused credit attached to your old account?

The balance from previous accounts does not transfer automatically. You will need to use the PCAS Balance Portal to transfer credit. It asks for confirmation of both your old and your new accounts. Then any unused credit will be transferred. This is a very quick.
This will seem strange but yes this means you need to transfer even if you had been using your Bodliean Libraries credentials as your PCAS identification before September 2016.

What about adding credit to the new account?

The methods of adding credit to PCAS have not changed: if you are happy with doing it online using your credit/debit card top-ups use the WebPay portal Otherwise the Law Bod is happy to handle cash tops for you.

More good news – new copiers!

A new fleet of  “greener” copiers from Xerox is part of the new scheme.  The new photocopiers are expected to arrive and be installed by the 28th September. The new copiers have ‘touch pad’ authentication rather than the previous (troublesome) card swipes. As before, copying and scanning guides will be posted at each device to help us all learn how to use the new equipment. The super keen can even scroll down web page to section called How do I photocopy, scan or print? for basic guides in advance!

We will blog again once the final touches are complete with details of new facilities.