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By | 5 December 2016

On first listening to the strains of There is no one quite like Grandma, this writer’s inner Scrooge leapt out unbidden: initial reaction was “A sugar tax cannot come soon enough!” (It remains to be seen whether the 2016 Budget‘s proposal of a new Soft Drinks Industry Levy (SIDL consultation) from April 2018 will survive subsequent events – or whether hoped for nudge will be strong enough to have the desired effect Sugar reduction: from evidence into action (2015)) To stress how out of character this response was I assure all that I intend to have my Christmas cake and eat it ….   not to mention some mince pies, the odd chocolate ….

So starting afresh: the 1980 Christmas Number One was a winsomely sweet, sincere rendition of a wonderfully inspiring sentiment.

The Bodleian KeepCup is a specially designed reusable cup for hot or cold beverages which allows you to enjoy a drink while studying in some Bodleian libraries including Law Bod (except for Official Papers Collection Floor 0) and the SSL.

Indeed, the Law Bod celebrated its own fiftieth a couple of years ago so our latest cohort of readers might well have begun to find us a bit quaint. Fortunately the St Cross Building is just coming out the other side of a major restructuring & refurbishment project – the architectural equivalent of surgical rejuvenation! From 2017 we will (we trust) present Generation Y with fewer distressing “wrinkles” than before – and yes there will be a proper café in the same building as the Library & the Faculty.

Tuneful reminders about the older generation are necessary: while the Law Bod’s Libguides include, eg  Medical law and ethics  and Labour & employment law both of which would encompass aspects of grandma’s experience with the law, there is no Libguide specifically relating to the legal status, rights etc of those who are young –  at heart! This despite the fact we do have both Children and the law in the UK and Children in international and transnational law. Could the initially hostile reaction mentioned above have been in part the guilty recognition of unintended ageism? Work is underway to redress the balance, those further down life’s course are not going to be invisible for much longer! In the meantime some tips …

KN151.6.HER 2009 Holders of Oxford SSO can read this online too. Click cover!

KN151.6.HER 2009 Holders of Oxford SSO can read this online too. Click cover!

To find books in SOLO using subject search you could use (to find general works)  Older people — Legal status, laws, etc or  Older people – civil rights.  As our UK collection has been converted to the Moys Classification system, if you are in the Law Bod, just browse the shelf mark KN151.6 on Floor 2. You may have to consider other subject searches, such as Age   discrimination  in employment   Law and legislation (shelved at KN191.2 on the same Floor.)

Internat 570 M379.4a

Internat 570 M379.4a


Nor is this just of domestic interest – if, as in the title to the right, the shelf mark
begins Internat you need to go up to Floor 3.

As far as specialist journals are concerned, users of SOLO should take special note of the place of publication. Since 2011, there has been a UK law quarterly called Elder law journal  (As it is a Jordans (LexisNexis) title it is not available via either Westlaw UK nor LexisLibrary it is available to those with an Oxford SSO via a separate platform.) Unfortunately, this title is very close indeed to The Elder Law Journal, which has been published by The College of Law at the University of Illinois since 1993. According to the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations Eld LJ is the abbreviation for the UK title, Elder LJ for the US – so pay attention to the citation you are following up!
When the promised Law Bod Libguide is published, it is going to have the title Older people and the law, with a friendly url ending opl (http://libguides.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/law_opl) because Eld – or  eLD – in the Bodleian context – can only mean one thing Electronic Legal Deposit.
We would encourage our readers – of all ages! – to read and understand the implications of this development in the long history of our copyright library status. Currently, it means there may be some online versions of books with View Online links in SOLO will only work when you are logged on to a Bodleian Library PC. The title below is an example from this very subject area.

KN67.FOX 2012 The e-version of this title is E-LD so cannot be read remotely...

KN67.FOX 2012 The e-version of this title is E-LD so cannot be read remotely… so come into the Law Bod & enjoy!