LGBT History Month

By | 22 February 2017

For an academic law library – below is what passes as a veritable rainbow of colourful book covers in celebration!  There is a specific LawBod Libguide on LGBT law resources at Oxford. The focus is on the development & experience in the UK – but both the Libguide and the LawBod’s collections do have works looking at both the ongoing international human rights dimension, as well as the civil law developments within other jurisdictions. The works in Jurisp (Jurisprudence) consider the relationship of law & sexuality from a philosophical/theoretical standpoint.

Law Bod Legal Hist G624a

Law Bod KM208.23.BAM 1997

Law Bod Jurisp 510 S531a

LawBod Reserve KB181.BAM 2014









Many of our readers are active in the examination, criticism, and improvement of the current state of LGBTQI rights & legal status. Look out for their Blog posts under such categories as Relationship Rights, Gender Based Violence, and Children’s Rights