Reclassification of part of the collection

By | 10 July 2017

Reclassification Update

This summer library staff are completing Phase Three of the Moys Reclassification Project.  Staff will be reorganising books currently held in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.  This is part of the long-term Moys re-classification project that has been underway since 2006.  All the books will be fully accessible to our readers but please come and ask a member of staff for help in finding them.

The work will not be noisy but the staff will be working in the Reading Room as we need plenty of space to re-arrange the books.  The ground floor, floor 1, and floor 3 will be available to readers.

This move will create a subject arrangement of law for predominately common law jurisdictions, for example KN94 is the Moys number for environmental law and within K94 you will be able to find books on this topic from different jurisdictions:











Tied to this project is a book move.  The book move involves the move of UK and Irish legislation from the Reading Room to Floor 1 to allow for growth space for the collection.  We will be keeping Halsbury’s Statutes and Current Law Statutes Annotated in the Reading Room.  The UK journals and Law Reports sections in the Reading Room will be moved and re-spaced.  If you have any problems in finding materials, please do ask staff for help.


This is phase three of a project to improve the arrangement and “browsability” of our collection. Phase One, which involved the textbooks for the jurisdiction UK/England & Wales, was completed in 2009.  Phase Two which dealt with Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man completed in 2012.  There has been a delay in completing Phase Three due to the large-scale refurbishment of the Library.