By | 8 December 2017


In this word game players have to write a plausible definition of a real but obscure word. Points are awarded for the correct definition. All the definitions are then read out and further points awarded to players who identify the correct definition and also to the writers of false definitions erroneously selected as the correct definition by other players.

Clearly a dictionary would be useful for this game and the Law Bod has plenty of resources to hand. The Ref Lang section on the second floor includes several English dictionaries as well as modern translation dictionaries for the languages of the larger foreign collections held in the Law Library, including substantial Collins dictionaries for French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

If you are looking for legal definitions head for KL40 on the second floor where a variety of up-to-date legal dictionaries for common law jurisdictions can be found such as Jowett’s dictionary of English usage ,  Australia law dictionary  and Murdoch’s dictionary of Irish law . Words and Phrases permanent edition is kept up-to-date with pocket parts and provides a very comprehensive collection of American definitions in 46 volumes!

There are plenty of online resources too such as A dictionary of law and Garner’s dictionary of legal usage.