Equipment in the Law Bod

By | 28 October 2019

As well holding over 500,000 printed items; the Bodleian Law Library also keeps a range of equipment to aid your study and keep you comfortable when you are here.

Plug sockets can prove to be few and far between here but don’t make lack of charge a reason for leaving! Behind the Enquiry Desk we have a number of portable power banks that hold charge for up to three hours allowing you to recharge any of your electronic devices. These have a UK plug socket on one side and multiple USB sockets on the other and allow you to charge multiple devices at once.

Keeping within the theme of electronics, we also have a box of miscellaneous chargers behind the Enquiry Desk. If you have forgotten your charger come and see us and fingers crossed we will be able to provide you with the correct cable to get your laptop up and running again. This also includes Ethernet cables – which can be used at the most of the graduate research desks and desks 41-64 on the main floor – and adaptors to allow students with different style plugs to connect to our UK plug sockets.


There are also a large number of Bodleian computers in the Law Library which can be useful either if you have exhausted all of the charging possibilities we offer and your laptop has run out of battery, or if you need to need to access a resource only available via electronic legal deposit. These can be found mostly on the ground and third floor, in the two IT rooms that are free to use unless there is a class booked into them and, in some of the bookable and walk in carrels. However, make sure you do not try to use a computer marked ‘Quick Search PC’ as these only have the ability to search SOLO for physical resources.

If you have booked one of our discussion rooms we do have a range of equipment that we lend out to anyone using the discussion rooms. These include VGA and HDMI cables for connecting to the TV screens inside, webcams for video conferencing, a 3.5mm audio extension cables and adaptors to make sure you can make the most of our discussion rooms. Please note all of the equipment mentioned here must be picked up from the Enquiry Desk, and if you do require an adaptor, these must be reserved at the time of booking.

Also behind the Enquiry Desk we have book stands that allow you to rest any book or E-reader device on them while in use, with the ability to keep a book open to a certain page, making life much easier than trying to switch from looking down at a book to up to a screen every minute or so. Our book stands are big and sturdy so will hold any book for as long as you need!

The Law Library has four adjustable desks as well as a variety of seating options to make sure you are as comfortable as possible when you are here. You will find adjustable desks on the ground floor and the third floor, that can be raised or lowered to suit you. The Library has a variety of options to help readers with visual impairment or dyslexia when they are here. These consist of daylight lamps, acetate coloured sheets that can be placed over screens or printed materials, Kurzweil and Zoomtext and, handheld or hands free magnifiers. Similarly, for anyone who is hard of hearing we can provide a portable RNID Ezee loop. To make use of any of this equipment come and see us at the Enquiry Desk and we will provide you with whatever you need to make the most of your visit to the Law Library.

There you have it; any problems with equipment don’t go home! Come and see us at the Enquiry Desk and we’ll do our best to help you get your work done and stay in the Law Library. If you believe our readers would benefit from any other equipment please don’t hesitate to come and talk to us in person at the Enquiry Desk or email us at