Perlego Trial until 17 July 2020

By | 17 June 2020

Until 17 July 2020, holders of an Oxford SSO will be able to read books on the  Perlego platform

Despite what the name might suggest to some of us, Perlego is a multidisciplinary library of some 300, 000 titles. The website owners have collected the law titles together so that you can browse the 4,000 or so titles in this subject area quickly. At the top of the same page you can also do a search if you have a particular title or author in mind. (Start search with some keywords/surnames, then filter to search for books only matching on the title, author, the topic, or the keyword.)

To be able to read any of the books offered by Perlego during the trial, do not follow any start a free trial link you might see on this public search url – you must register & set up a personal account via the Bodleian trial scheme. Holders of an Oxford SSO can find instructions on how to join Oxford’s free trial via the Perlego entry on this Weblearn site.   (If you have previously had a free personal trial, or paying account,  with Perlego you need to cancel that registering for the Bodleian trial.)

It is not possible to load the records in to Solo but the Perlego platform is intuitive and very easy to use. When it comes to browsers, Perlego recommends the latest versions of Chrome, Opera or Firefox. There are mobile Apps in Google Play and in the Apple Store which allows you to read with no internet connection by downloading books which are in the mobile-responsive ePub format. (There is a format filter to results, so you can choose e-Pub for mobile reading, rather than PDF.) There is a Youtube video to help you get the most out of Perlego, quickly.

This trial is for a month only: the Law Bod staff would be delighted to have feedback from our Faculty. As we have had so many free trials since March, over the summer we will be looking at usage statistics and comparing content from each provider to see what would be useful for the future.