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National Libraries Day 2014 – Behind the Scenes at the Law Library

As it’s National Libraries Day on 8th February, I’m taking you for a quick tour behind the scenes at the Bodleian Law Library so that you can see some of the work we do when we’re not helping out in the reading rooms. This is the Information Resources office. When new books and journals arrive,… Read More »

Legal databases and how to get at them

By Katherine Steiner Kat here – Information Resources trainee at the Law Bod. Since starting work here last September, I have had lots of chances to delve into some of the weird and wonderful resources the Bodleian Law Library and the Bodleian Libraries generally have to offer. Despite doing my undergraduate degree here in Oxford,… Read More »

Electronic Legal Deposit

Thanks to the initial shrewdness of our founder, Sir Thomas Bodley,  a requirement for English, later UK, publishers to deposit a free copy of each of their publications to certain designated Copyright Libraries has existed for over 300 years (Summary of  historical background is available from another Bodleian website.) Now this fine tradition has to… Read More »

Back into the light

Please note that the LawBod has a separate collection of more recent foreign dissertations on the Lower Floor /Freshfields IT Room Floor which date from c.1973 to 2004. All these have been properly catalogued so their records can be found via SOLO.  What follows concerns a more historic – in every sense of the word… Read More »

Summer Vacation 2011: August update

The LawBod has an exciting summer ahead with upgrades to both the physical and electronic environments! Summer Vacation Opening hours August-September: Monday to Friday 09.00-19.00 Saturday 10.00-13.00 Sunday closed We do  close for the August Bank Holiday: from & including  Saturday 27th to & including Monday 29th August 2011. Special note for readers who require… Read More »

Of reading lists and (sec coll), superseded and current editions

Just a reminder, as you discover new topics via new reading lists, to be very wary if your catalogue search returns a Law Library shelfmark ending “(sec coll)”  and/or you have gone down the stairs from the Main Reading Room to a section of the Library where the books have either red crosses or red dots near their shelfmarks.… Read More »

Searching the Catalogue: What is sec coll?

Whether you are searching for books using SOLO or OLIS, you may come across Law Library items with the arcane marking ‘(sec coll)’ suffixed to the regular shelfmark. What does this library jargon mean? And more importantly, how does it affect you? Knowing about ‘(sec coll)’ will help you with your bibliographic research, and also… Read More »