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Legal databases and how to get at them

By Katherine Steiner Kat here – Information Resources trainee at the Law Bod. Since starting work here last September, I have had lots of chances to delve into some of the weird and wonderful resources the Bodleian Law Library and the Bodleian Libraries generally have to offer. Despite doing my undergraduate degree here in Oxford,… Read More »

New Database Review: Supreme Court Cases Online (India)

By Beth Paton The Law Library has recently subscribed to a database called Supreme Court Cases (SCC) Online, produced by New Delhi-based publishers the Eastern Book Company. It advertises itself as “an extensive database of Indian law, statute law and other material, with a high performance search engine and our familiar user-friendly interface.” First impressions… Read More »

Mobile Apps for Mobile Lawyers

By Beth Paton Mobile technology is becoming ever more ubiquitous, so it seemed the right time to take a look at apps for law students and lawyers. For the purposes of this blog post I selected three apps to road test. I was ably assisted with these reviews by my husband, Alec, who obtained a… Read More »

Mac/Lion wifi issues with Safari

By Penny Schenk Recently, some Mac users in the library who’ve upgraded to the latest system software, Lion, are finding that they can’t log in to Bodleian Libraries wireless using the Safari browser. The symptom is that Safari attempts to connect to, but it never loads and the window remains blank. One workaround has… Read More »

Laptop scanning

By Penny Schenk Please wait – but how long? With the increased volume of users at the beginning of term, we’ve been noticing more readers getting “stuck” in the scanning procedure that checks laptops on our ethernet network for vulnerabilities once a week. This is the process that runs in your browser when you first… Read More »

Saving on printing

By Angela Carritt Here are a couple of tips which could help you to save on printing: When printing PDF or Word files print mulitiple pages on a single sheet of paper When printing law reports, use Justis to print selected parts of the report (e.g. judgment, headnote etc instead of printing the whole report)… Read More »