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A pukeko in a ponga tree

So starts a distinctively New Zealand adaptation of a true love’s Christmas gifts. The link will take you through to the words – the tune will be easy to work out. (This version was first published by Kingi M. Ihaka in a book of the same name in 1981.) (Image thanks to Sid Mosell who… Read More »

Malaysian law

The Free Access to Law initiative takes many forms. We may already be used to accessing decisions of the Federal Court of Malaysia and Court of Appeal of Malaysia via CommonLII. (This LII also offers a few issues of Journal of Malaysian and Comparative Law (JMCL)  for some commentary.) If you are interested in something… Read More »

New Database Review: Supreme Court Cases Online (India)

By Beth Paton The Law Library has recently subscribed to a database called Supreme Court Cases (SCC) Online, produced by New Delhi-based publishers the Eastern Book Company. It advertises itself as “an extensive database of Indian law, statute law and other material, with a high performance search engine and our familiar user-friendly interface.” First impressions… Read More »

Online archive of law journals published in Germany

Up till now,  OU members have been restricted to the Open Access section of a major German online journal database called DZ or  DigiZeitschriften The good news is that the Bodleian Libraries now have a subscription, making a lot more content available for all holders of an Oxford Single Sign On! The database has journals… Read More »

Supreme Court of Canada judgments freely available

The Supreme Court of Canada and LexUM announced just before Christmas that the Court’s Decisions website now contains all decisions since 1907, and judgments in leave applications since 2006. The collection is updated within minutes of the public release of the judgments by the Court. “All published judgments since 1876 from cases which were appealed… Read More »

11 pipers piping

The Law Bod fully acknowledges that bagpipes are part of the culture of many nations, but as we are in England the mention of pipes brings our neighbours Scotland and Ireland first to mind.  (The previous links are probably not recommended for exiles whose heartstrings are easily touched over Christmas.) We have found it impossible… Read More »